I’m Chelsey—the woman, wife, mom, and child of God behind Chelsey Grace. Chelsey Grace was born out of love. Love for new life, love for sanctified relationships, and love for the Maker that created it all.

I’m married to a bearded hunk, Donald. He is the left to my right brain. I am a momma to Owen Anthony, Oliver Donald & my baby girl, Annie Patricia. I have two sweet babies waiting for me in heaven, Ava Grace & Orion Job. I’ve been painting with light and chasing love stories since 2009 under the Chelsey Photography name and launched Chelsey Grace in February of 2019. Oh My Cupcakes!, an unlimited budget on Amazon, gifts, and words of affirmation are my love languages.


I seek moments that physically take my breath away, make my eyes well up with tears and make my heart ache in the most passionate way.  I yearn to create and serve in ways that set my soul on fire. Chelsey Grace is a culmination of the things that do that the most for me: photographing bellies full of life, witnessing the undeniable miracle of birth through documentation and doula work, showcasing the perfection of newborns and babies, and sharing in your elated joy on your wedding day. The moments of life you allow me in to are sacred, and I will treat them with the utmost care and love.